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Things To Consider Before Getting Cosmetic Surgery

The popularity of cosmetic surgery has risen in recent years. With so much advancement in technology, the industry has vastly grown, offering various procedures and surgeries that can fix physical defects and cosmetically alter features. 

Most people opt for cosmetic surgery to improve their appearance, so they can look and feel their best. The most popular procedures include rhinoplasty and lip fillers. Yet many undergo it to enhance the quality of their life, such as choosing to have breast augmentation surgery. 

No matter what surgery you choose, it is vital to get it done from an area that offers excellent and safe services. Los Angeles is one of the most secure and professional places to get cosmetic surgery done, as the city has 93% of the United States of America board-certified plastic surgeons.

Undoubtedly, cosmetic surgery is a big step; therefore, before stepping into it, there are many things that you should consider. Thus, the following factors will give you a broader idea of whether cosmetic surgery is right for you. 


Before you decide whether or not to undergo elective cosmetic surgery, it’s essential that you understand the cost involved. Generally speaking, health insurance won’t cover these surgeries since they are considered non-essential; however, prices will differ depending on the type of procedure.

In Los Angeles specifically, individuals must receive physical examinations prior to undergoing any elective cosmetic surgery due to a mandate known as “Donda West Law.” Therefore extra costs should be expected when considering surgical procedures in this city.

If you are considering surgery, inquire about the prices and ensure it is within your budget. The breast implant removal cost in Los Angeles is relatively lesser compared to other states.

So, it is important that you get a realistic understanding of the cost before going ahead with the procedure. Moreover, many patients combine implant removal with a breast lift giving their breasts a youthful look.

While some prefer pairing the surgery with fat grating, which can add volume to the breast. Keep in mind that each additional surgery treatment will increase the surgery’s overall cost. 

You must also inquire about other costs. This can include follow-up fees, anesthesia charges, and operating room costs. All these can quickly add up to your bill, increasing the surgery’s cost.

When consulting a doctor, ask about all fees of your surgery’s requirements beforehand. If you are interested in getting your breast implants removed, we recommend Dr. George H. Sanders.

He is one of the most popular surgeons in Los Angeles for breast removal surgery due to his experience and expertise. With his skills paired with state-of-the-art technology and professionalism, his patients can receive their desired look and are highly satisfied.


You must have good health to get a green flag for cosmetic surgery. You need to have a healthy weight and eat nutritiously dense food.

Consuming a healthy diet before any cosmetic surgery is a requirement. Being your healthiest before surgery is necessary as your body demands nutrients and minerals to heal wounds and scars. 

Pairing a good diet with some physical activity is excellent for your health. However, do not pick extremely high-intensity exercises before surgery. Instead, opt for safer physical activities such as walking, running, yoga or swimming.

Any light and low-intensity workout is recommended before surgery as it promotes cardiovascular health, aids your immune system, and lets your body efficiently manage and respond to surgery stress. 

In addition, working out regularly before surgery will let you be in a good state of mind as exercising releases hormones such as dopamine and oxytocin, making you feel motivated and ecstatic. Such a state of mind will help you manage pre-surgery stress effectively and calms you. 

A combination of a good diet and physical activity will let you achieve your desired results. However, without good health, there can be many complications during and after the surgery, allowing you to bear heavy consequences and unable to attain ideal outcomes.

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Before getting into any cosmetic surgery, always ask your surgeon about your surgery’s recovery time and process. Your doctor will enlighten you about all the factors included, giving you a better idea of whether you even want the surgery or have the time to afford it. 

All surgeries have a different recovery period, but your doctor will likely ask you to rest for at least three to ten days.

That means you will have to take time off from work during your recovery phase. Doctors suggest someone take care of you, depending on your surgery. Thus, you might need someone to take you from the hospital and nurse you back to health. 

Furthermore, during your recovery period, you might be allotted a specific diet to help you heal faster.

For example, depending on your surgery, you might receive a diet of only semi-solid and liquid foods as you can digest them better and slowly, and with time, you will return to regular food. 

Besides that, your surgeon will ask you to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables like broccoli, oranges, sweet potatoes, and carrots, as they have vital micronutrients that will speed up your recovery. Besides that, make sure to drink plenty of water.

In addition, you will have to avoid exercise for at least ten days after your surgery. Rest is highly recommended, and high-intensity exercises can strain the body unnecessarily, compromising your recovery. 

Lastly, you will need to gather all your post-surgery supplies that are mandatory for your recovery phase. Those items include antibacterial soap, disposable washcloths, and medical tape. You will also require silage scar cream, ice packs, painkillers, and soft pillows.

The Doctor’s Qualification 

Getting cosmetic surgery is a big decision, and it should be your priority to get it done with reliable and safe hands. Therefore, when looking for a doctor, make sure to find yourself one that is highly qualified and has relevant experience.

If you get your surgery done by a doctor who isn’t qualified for the surgery and does not have the required skill set, then chances are you might end up with undesirable consequences. Thus before choosing a doctor, check if they are a board-certified surgeon by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS). 

When you select an ABPS-certified doctor, you are choosing a qualified, highly experienced, and trained professional surgeon carrying out cosmetic surgery services in a licensed facility.

In addition, the staff they work with are licensed, such as nurses, anesthesiologists, and other relevant patient care members. 

Before selecting your doctors, ask your friends for qualified doctors they know of and if they had a good experience with them.

It would help if you also searched online and read as many reviews as possible. Besides, during the consultation with your doctor, ask them about their qualification and experiences in the field. Lastly, remember to ask about their experiences with the surgery you desire. 


Getting cosmetic surgery is a vital and exciting decision, yet it can simultaneously make you nervous. Whatever you feel, it is necessary to learn about the surgery and consider all the factors that play a significant role. Knowing a few things beforehand can help you know more about it and decide if you can have it. 

Such as knowing the cost of the surgery and fees for additional procedure requirements. Choosing qualified doctors can help achieve the desired result. Furthermore, maintaining your health is crucial as it will help you recover efficiently from the surgery.

Lastly, consider the healing process of the surgery in mind. Thus, all these factors can highly contribute to a successful cosmetic surgery experience.

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