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Virtual Doctor Appointment, How to Prepare for It?

In the last 2 years, you might have done a virtual doctor appointment, when lockdown happened because of Coronavirus, a lot of people were unable to move freely.

Some patients prefer to communicate with doctors through virtual appointments because it is easy to make this type of appointment. The GAP Clinic offers fully remote doctor appointments so that you can focus on what matters to you.

Have you made a virtual doctor appointment before? learn how to explain to the doctor your health condition in the virtual appointment

How Do you Explain your Health Condition in the Virtual Doctor Appointment?

How do you explain to the doctor your health condition in the virtual appointment? Here are the main points about that:

Write down the most important information you want the doctor to know in advance, before the appointment

It is recommended to write down your medical condition and the various symptoms you have had before speaking with the doctor through the virtual appointment, as this helps to remember all the important points that must be told to the doctor to help him diagnose your condition.

HBC provides the most important necessary information that patients should know before making the virtual appointment with the doctor, so that these instructions help the virtual appointment to proceed correctly and with high efficiency.

Inform the Doctor of any Previous Similar Medical Condition

The doctor must be informed of any medical condition that you have experienced in the past, especially when the condition is similar to what you are going through at the present time. This is very important when the patient’s medical record is not available to the doctor.

Clearly Explain Your Condition in the Virtual Doctor Appointment

It is advised to explain the health status of the doctor in a very clear way, starting from the beginning of the symptoms to what you felt after that, and it is also advised to mention the symptoms that you experienced in detail, taking care to mention all the things that you think are not important, as these things may be very important Sometimes in order to get a proper diagnosis.

You should not feel embarrassed to mention any symptoms you feel to the doctor so that concealing any of these symptoms makes the patient vulnerable to a wrong diagnosis by the doctor.

Follow the Doctor Instructions

The doctor may ask to focus the camera on certain parts of the patient’s body in order to make the correct diagnosis, such as: opening the throat, opening the eye, or examining certain places on the patient’s body, especially when he has sexually transmitted diseases.

The patient is advised to cooperate with the doctor and knowing that this matter is an important part of the diagnosis, especially that electronic clinics (E-clinic) and virtual appointments enjoy high privacy.

Seek Help from a Family member in Case of Severe Illness

In the event that the patient is severely ill and is unable to tell the doctor about the most important matters related to his health, a family member can be consulted to help him inform the doctor about the patient’s medical condition.

Ask the doctor about the most important questions related to your health condition

You must write down all the questions that come to your mind related to your health and ask the doctor before you end the appointment, as this is very important and helps you understand your health condition and how to deal with the disease.


Virtual doctor appointment has been a trending feature in healthcare, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic, it saves time, money, and provide more safety to patients.

If you are inquiring about how to prepare for a virtual doctor appointment, there are some important points that must be followed.

When you want to tell the doctor the most important information related to your health condition, please make sure that you are: ensuring clarity in explaining the disease, seeking help from a family member if you are unable to explain the condition, and not hesitating to ask the doctor any questions.

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