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5 Healthcare Marketing Strategies You Should Know

Healthcare as an industry is evolving. People don’t only seek healthcare services if they are not well. They avail of these services for their well-being and to ensure that any diseases do not knock them by surprise. As more people look for healthcare service providers, healthcare marketing has become more important than ever.

If you are into healthcare services, you must develop a marketing strategy outlining the best way to attract people seeking healthcare services. Y

our marketing strategy should not be limited to promoting your company. Your communication should guide them through the entire process of availing of healthcare.

You can develop strategies to help you shine among the crowd. When creating a healthcare marketing strategy, you should consider different channels you can use to make the consumer aware of your services.

The one thing that can remain constant across strategies is video content. Videos have the power to move people, especially in the healthcare industry.

Therefore, when you draft a marketing strategy for your healthcare company, you must also incorporate a video strategy in your plan.

You can reach a huge audience and win in this hyper-competitive space with videos. Read on to learn some of the best healthcare marketing strategies to help you grow your business.

Importance of Healthcare Marketing

In most countries, people believe that healthcare is a need-based market; they should try looking out for options only if there is a health issue.

However, healthcare involves both preventive and curative solutions. Therefore, all healthcare professionals need to make their customers aware of the healthcare services they should avail of.

Here’s where marketing comes into play. Some of the reasons why marketing is important in the healthcare industry are:

Set yourself apart from the other healthcare providers

While thousands of healthcare providers are out there, you can attract many consumers to your company with the right marketing.

Global healthcare spending is expected to reach a value of about $10 trillion; hence, you should try and become a preferred choice for everyone seeking healthcare.

Becoming a thought leader

Leading by example and coming up with pathbreaking healthcare technologies sets you apart. If you are the pioneer of something, you should let your potential consumers know about it.

Thought leadership helps you establish a position of power in the industry. It lets your consumer know why you are better than other healthcare providers.

You can become a thought leader by coming up with campaigns that highlight your culture and your values. You can use a video to send the message across channels.

Building relationships

Healthcare is an industry that runs on trust. The patient needs to trust the healthcare provider as they will only come to avail of the services. You must create a marketing strategy to help your consumers build trust.

You can then nurture the trust by providing them with the best-in-class services. You can curate a campaign that helps you engage with your audience and gives them reasons to trust you.

5Ps of Healthcare Marketing

You must be aware of the key marketing elements before you create a marketing strategy for your brand. These 5Ps of healthcare marketing include:


Before reaching out to a healthcare service provider, the consumer looks at the level of the physicians. When you have great physicians onboard, the marketing team can capitalize on the opportunity and create marketing communication involving these human assets.

Physicians can drive the growth of the healthcare company. Their opinions are valued in every forum; hence, they are the changemakers for any healthcare provider.

Therefore, when you create a marketing strategy for your audience, use the experiences of the physicians who are a part of the organization.  


The primary focus of every healthcare company should be providing the best care to all patients. Patients are aware of the aspects of healthcare as they have access to all information. In the healthcare industry, patients are the consumers of healthcare businesses.

You should find out information on special medical concerns and health hazards that might risk a patient’s life. You can then create a strategy around it. You can use surveys or extensive market research to understand patients’ mindsets.

The research findings will help you create a marketing campaign to reach out to all patients. You must know how to edit a video online if videos are a part of your campaign strategy.

Professional Healthcare Administrators

Healthcare services are not about a single product or service. Patients are looking for a holistic experience when it comes to healthcare services.

Hence, healthcare administrators should ensure that they provide the best healthcare services to their patients.

Once you have an ideal practice in place, you can include the elements of the practice in your communication strategy.

You can create a video using a video editor tool to showcase your best-in-class homecare services. You can use different aspects of your services, like the speed of delivery, state-of-the-art technology labs, etc., and create a campaign around it.


Policymakers make rules and clauses on how patients can avail of healthcare services. Policymakers should ensure marketers promote different niche medical markets to highlight their USP.

You should have a dedicated marketing team that collects data from other stakeholders and then creates a content strategy per the discussion with the policymakers.


The payer of the healthcare services can be different from the patient. Therefore, you need to attract these payers by providing them access to the best-in-class services, clinics, doctors, etc. You should ensure that the payer knows about your company and healthcare services.

Healthcare Marketing Strategies

There are several healthcare marketing strategies that you can incorporate to popularize the healthcare services that you offer. Let’s look at some of these strategies.

1- Video Testimonials

Healthcare is a highly personalized category, and video testimonials can do wonders for your business.

Therefore, you should request some of your patients to share stories of their entire healthcare journey and why others should choose your healthcare services.

Once you record the video testimonials, you can edit them using a video editor and post them across channels and different platforms.

2- Social Media

Today, all the consumers of healthcare services have a social media presence. It is important for you to create social media handles across channels and then promote your business.

When you decide to go on social media, you should have a content calendar in place.

You should decide on the genre of content that goes on your social media pages, along with the frequency of the posts.

You can use these channels to connect with your audience by hosting webinars, events, advice sessions, etc. You must integrate all your efforts to create a community on social media.

3- Paid Ads

Ads can be highly effective in the healthcare space as it helps you target the right set of people. The best thing about paid ads is that you become more searchable.

Whenever a patient searches for any healthcare services, they will be able to find you if you invest in paid ads. Around 70,000 medical searches are done via Google; hence, you should try to give solutions to the patients and redirect them to your clinic. With Google Ads, you can target the cohorts interested in availing of healthcare services.

4- Content Marketing

Content is the blood and soul of any marketing strategy. Hence, you will have to spend time onboarding resources to help create the right content. As healthcare service providers, you need to be very thoughtful of the message you put across.

Define the purpose of your marketing strategy and then research the keywords that can help you generate traffic. Once you know what to achieve from your content, you can start creating content pieces incorporating the popularly searched keywords in the healthcare space.

5- Mobile Optimization

With the advent of several healthcare apps and solutions, it is important to invest in mobile optimization. All your digital marketing campaigns and initiatives must be mobile-friendly to reach a wider audience. For this, you can take the help of the Cardinal Digital Marketing agency, which can greatly enhance your mobile optimization strategies. 

You can reach out to a website designer who will help make your website mobile friendly. You can also invest in an app, which will be a great branding exercise and help your consumers access easy services.


Healthcare marketing might seem intimidating, but with the right strategy, you can create the best campaigns and social media communication pieces to attract consumers. If these consumers are convinced, they will reach out to you for your services.

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