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New Study Finds that People Recovered from Coronavirus Face Increased Risk of Death

A recent study found that patients recovering from infection with the Coronavirus may face an increased risk of death due to long-term complications from Coronavirus in the six months following infection.

Details of the Study

Researchers at the University of Washington College of Medicine in Missouri conducted a study of 87,000 patients with Coronavirus, and these patients were followed up during the six months after recovery from infection, and its results showed the following:

  • The risk of death is increased by a greater percentage of people who have not been infected with the Coronavirus.
  • Serious complications included heart failure, stroke, and chronic kidney disease.
    Increased health risks from overcoming the virus.
  • Hair loss, heart palpitations, anemia and acid reflux after six months of recovery.

The research team studied healthcare data in the records of 73,435 patients who had contracted the Coronavirus but had not been admitted to the hospital, and they were compared with the records of people who had never contracted the Coronavirus.

The majority of people in the study were men, and 8,880 women were included.

And after six months of infection, the number of excess deaths among people who had recovered from Corona was about eight for every 1,000 people. The people hospitalized are 29 per 1,000 people.
It was also observed that there is an increased risk of death due to the Corona virus compared to the influenza virus.

So, one of the researchers said that Coronavirus infection is more than just a post-virus syndrome and that the risk of disease and death and the extent of the organ system’s vulnerability is much higher than what we see with other respiratory viruses, such as influenza.

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