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Egypt Starts to Manufacture Sinovac Coronavirus Vaccine Within Days

Dr. Hala Zayed, the Egyptian Minister of Health and Population, said that the raw material needed to manufacture 2 million doses of the Chinese “Sinovac” vaccine has been shipped, and is expected to arrive within days.

She added, in a statement issued today, Wednesday, that 500 thousand doses of the Chinese “Sinopharm” vaccine are expected within days, bringing the total of this vaccine to 2,580,400 doses, and 1.9 million doses of the “AstraZeneca” vaccine are expected to arrive through “COVAX” During the first week of June, bringing the total availability of this vaccine to 5,253,600 doses.

This came during a meeting held today headed by Mustafa Madbouly, where the Minister of Health and Population presented the latest developments regarding the Coronavirus, the pandemic situation at the governorates level, the rate of change in the number of weekly infections, and what is related to the occupancy rates of ventilators at the level of the Republic.

She indicated that one million doses of the Chinese “Sinovac” vaccine are expected to arrive during the last week of May or the first week of next June.

The minister touched on the global pandemic situation, pointing to the quarantine measures taken to deal with flights coming from a number of countries, whether direct or indirect air or sea.

During the presentation, she also dealt with the steps taken by some countries to reduce the precautionary measures, such as a period for evaluation and consideration of the extent of the continued closure, and its relationship to the increasing number of people infected with the virus.

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