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Antibodies of Coronavirus Pfizer Vaccine May Disappear After 7 Months

A lot of controversies has been raised recently about the sustainability of the effect of Coronavirus vaccines, especially since some studies have shown low effectiveness of vaccines durability after receiving them, but the matter may not stop at low immunity, for the antibodies formed by the Pfizer vaccine, for example, may disappear from the body after 7 months of receiving the vaccine, This is what the latest studies revealed:

According to a new study published on the BioRxiv online medical portal, it appears that the antibodies formed by the Pfizer vaccine in the recipient’s body fade and disappear completely 7 months after the person receives the second dose of the vaccine.

Study Details

To conduct this study, the researchers analyzed blood samples taken from 46 healthy people who had previously received Pfizer vaccine doses, some of these were young people, while others were middle-aged, where this analysis was conducted twice, as follows:

The first time: Shortly after receiving the second dose of Pfizer vaccine.
The second time: Six months after receiving the second dose of Pfizer vaccine.
After analyzing the samples, the researchers noticed that the Pfizer vaccine initially stimulates the formation of large numbers of strong antibodies that are able to neutralize the effect of the emerging coronavirus on the body, but after 7 months it was noted that the levels of these antibodies have witnessed a significant decrease of nearly 10 times.

It was also noted that the proportion of antibodies in half of those surveyed was so low that blood analysis was unable to detect its presence 6 months after receiving the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine, especially antibodies that are supposed to resist certain strains and mutants of the Coronavirus. , Such as:

Delta Variant

Mu Variant

Beta Variant

What do the Results of This Study Mean?

Since antibodies are one of the important lines of defense against the emerging coronavirus, the decrease in their numbers in the body during the months following receiving vaccinations made some researchers believe that receiving a support dose may be important, especially after 6-7 months after receiving the second dose. of the Pfizer vaccine.

It should be noted that some researchers have suggested that a booster dose of the currently available Pfizer vaccine may be sufficient to provide the necessary immunity against current mutant, including the delta mutant.

Some researchers at the manufacturer of the Pfizer vaccine also stated that the world may need a completely new combination of the vaccine by mid-2022, to counteract new mutations that are likely to appear in the near future.

Negative Aspects of This Study

Before taking the results of this study into consideration, some important matters should be noted, as follows:

The results of this study have not yet been scientifically reviewed with other researchers.
The results of this study have not yet been formally published in any medical journal.

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