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Innovative Medical Marketing Ideas To Try This Year

You have a plethora of ways to market your medical firm. Instead of relying on the same traditional practices, i.e., a spot in the local newspaper or interviewing on the news, try something new and modern. Many more patients are online, even senior patients! If you want to try making engaging content this year, use these innovative medical marketing ideas.

Post Advertising in the Waiting Room

The waiting room is the best place to showcase your promotional material. Each group of chairs faces a good amount of wall you can use to your advantage. For instance, one corner could hold a mounted television with marketed ads promoting medical treatments, medications, and even research studies.

The best way for patients to know more about their conditions and potential treatment options is through a TV, posters on the wall, and pamphlets. If you want to be more interactive, consider placing a QR code on the sign for guests to scan to learn more.

Create a Wellness Challenge for Patients

Aside from using the waiting room as an ideal place to market your medical practice, you could always rely on social media. The online world is perfect for getting things noticed quicker and interacting with a broader audience. Use social media to your advantage by starting a wellness challenge.

This challenge can all start with a hashtag. When starting, make sure to tag your organization so participants know who’s running the experiment. Don’t forget to offer fun prizes! Awards like a free week-long gym membership could be one to give away if you’re promoting heart disease awareness or encouraging others to work out.

Utilize Content Related to Procedures

Think about this. If you have a procedure you believe can produce remarkable success rates, such as bariatric surgery, you may want to think about doing case studies. Case studies are an informative way for patients to know if something is for them because another person like them has undergone the treatment.

The best way to deliver quality content is to partner with a biotech company. A biotech company uses case studies to illustrate how effective a medical procedure could be for a patient, including testimonials and visuals of before and after—mostly orchestrated through video and still images. Case studies are suitable if you strive for consistent results in a particular medical device, medication, or surgery.

Encourage the Community To Get Involved

Another way to get yourself out is simply getting involved in the community. Anything from back-to-school events to offering free blood pressure checks can put a better impression on your organization—post about your events on social media to start building your audience. By posting to social media and participating in community-led events, you develop a positive image for your company.

You have many ways to improve your medical marketing this year, starting with how you plan to execute each idea. Work with a team of marketing professionals today to create a stronger online presence and make each piece of content more engaging than the last.

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