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Top Alternative Medicines That May Keep You Healthy

If you have visited your doctor and tried all the most traditional medicinal routes that they are able to offer you, you might be beginning to feel fed up and under the weather, especially if your health issue has made no improvement. If this is the case, here are some of the top alternative medicines that may be able to keep you healthy in 2023.


Naturopathy is a combination of a few different techniques, including homeopathy, mineral therapy, herbs, and nutritional guidance. By returning to nature and discovering the underlying problems that could be causing you to feel poorly, naturopathy hopes to restore your health and take away the causes and triggers of your pain and discomfort.

By enjoying massage, hydration, and more exercise, you will be able to bring your body back to its natural healthy state and rid it of toxins and other substances that are causing you to experience issues.

If you are still unsure whether naturopathy is right for you, you should find out how naturopathy can help you specifically. This is especially the case if you have food allergies and intolerances, digestive issues, or problems with stress or fertility.


Acupuncture involves needles being placed into trigger points in your body. Then, a practitioner uses their hands or an electrical pulse to allow these to have an effect on the body.

The benefits of acupuncture are said to include alleviating pain, such as lower back and neck pain, as well as joint swelling and pain and headaches. Acupuncture has also been used to help stem nausea, especially for chemotherapy patients, and may also be able to reduce stress and anxiety in those with chronic stress and anxiety disorders.

Although some people do not believe in the merits of acupuncture, you should make sure that you look around for a reputable practitioner who has taken a qualification in the treatment before you decide to have acupuncture performed on your body.


Meditation is a great alternative medicine that has become increasingly popular due to a renewed interest in self-care and wellness. Anyone can perform meditation, and there are many meditation apps that can help you to do this.

Meditation allows you to zone into the world and calm down your mind. Many people perform meditation every day, and you can either do this at home or you can join a local meditation group.

Meditating for even five or ten minutes a day could possibly help you to reduce your stress and the tension in your body. It could also help to boost your decision-making, reduce chronic pain, and lower your blood pressure.


You might also decide to try aromatherapy, where you choose from a range of essential oils and use them to lower your sense of stress and anxiety. Aromatherapy can be the perfect solution for insomniacs and can help you to feel less uptight after a long day.

You might even decide to pair this with a massage to intensify these benefits and relieve any pain that you might be experiencing.

If you feel as if your doctor and the medicine that they are offering have let you down, this does not mean that you have run out of options. Although they may not be effective for everyone, by trying alternative medicines, you may be able to find a solution to your health issue that works for you.

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