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Why Earlier Wisdom Teeth Removal is Better than Later

Wisdom teeth are the third molar teeth. They grow abnormally, either below or against other teeth. They don’t align with the former teeth and often have bends. They can grow behind your molars.

Wisdom teeth also appear misaligned or sideways, causing a dental issue referred to as overcrowding. There are numerous reasons why you should remove your wisdom tooth. Dentists advise you to extract them rather than treat them.

When Do You Need Wisdom Teeth Removal?

When wisdom teeth start growing, you will notice specific symptoms that signify that you need to extract them soon. These symptoms are:

  • Impacted

Wisdom teeth are often impacted. They can cause severe oral problems like producing cysts, a bacteria-based fluid. This fluid can affect other teeth close to the wisdom teeth and the teeth tissues.

If you check out this dentist in Kiln Creek, they’ll also tell you that an impacted wisdom tooth can cause misalignment or crowding.

  • Infection

The growth of wisdom teeth can result in frequent tooth pain, redness of tissues and swelling of the jaw bone. People report instances of jaw stiffness too. This infection can enter your entire body system via your bloodstream, resulting in other health problems.

  • Bad Breath

The growth of wisdom teeth results in overcrowding of the mouth. This, in turn, makes it difficult for you to properly floss and brush your teeth, resulting in the accumulation of bacteria that causes bad breath.

  • Difficult to Clean

When it becomes difficult to clean and access your third molars, bacteria build-up, which causes a cavity, these bacteria may affect the other teeth and cause severe oral problems.

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Why You Need to Remove Your Wisdom Teeth Earlier

The early removal of your wisdom teeth can prevent general illness and improve oral health. When the teeth are impacted and are considered a threat to your overall health, your dentist will recommend the removal of the teeth. Their removal also prevents damage to the jawbones and nerves. Because wisdom teeth grow below the gum surface, the surrounding tissue may swell, gathering up fluid that contains bacteria, and these bacteria can affect the other teeth.

To avoid tumors that will require surgery, you need to remove the impacted teeth. Remove all partially erupted teeth before they become crooked or crowd out other teeth. Sometimes, you will experience complications like problems in the roots of other teeth entangled with the wisdom teeth roots as they grow.

It is generally more difficult to remove an adult’s teeth because the bones are now stronger and harder than those of a teenager or child. So, if you remove your wisdom teeth early, you will make your dentist’s work easier. Sometimes, your wisdom teeth won’t hurt, but because they don’t hurt does not mean that all is well. However, in all cases, you need to consult your dentist; he knows better and will be able to decide what to do with your wisdom teeth early to avoid future dental problems.

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