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New Face Mask That Detects Coronavirus Infection

Peter Nguyen from Harvard University and Luis R. Soenksen from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology were able to present research and a miniature model of a face mask capable of detecting the Coronavirus.

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University have been working on ways in which advanced biology can be applied, which is known as synthetic biology, and therefore their main focus was directed towards devices containing biosensors for the Coronavirus and are wearable.

It can be said that these devices transform entire laboratories into clothes that can be moved anywhere.

What Are the Biosensors and How They Work to Detect Diseases?

Biosensors are different from electronic sensors, biosensors are based on a set of genetic circuits designed to detect a specific molecule, and biosensors are highly suitable in the detection of toxins and pathogens, due to their ability to directly interact with molecular components.

What Are the Problems Faced by the Team Working on the Coronavirus Face Mask?

The researchers relied on previous paper data for Zika virus and Ebola virus, and tests showed the freeze-dried cell-free (FDCF) technology, and their goal was to focus on the technology working autonomously with minimal user intervention.

In the case of a face mask, all the user has to do is press the biosensor activation button.

What is the Cost of this Mask?

At the moment it is considered inexpensive as the biosensor costs about five dollars in addition to the cost of the mask, and this is believed to be a competitive cost compared to comprehensive tests for the Coronavirus, and it is expected that with mass production of the face mask the cost will come down even more.

What Are the Other Uses of This Mask?

The mask can differentiate between normal influenza and coronavirus infection, and research is still ongoing to discover other diseases through the mask, such as cancers, by analyzing the user’s exhalation.

The Future of This New Technology

Because of the low cost of face masks, specialists expect that manufacturers will contribute to the emergence of the first commercial model on the ground soon, so the world is waiting for commercial partners to participate in the design and production of masks containing biosensors.

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