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Egyptian General Authority of Healthcare (GAHC) Navigates with JICA Potential Collaboration to Sustain Service Quality in Universal Health Insurance System

As published in the Egyptian newspaper Al-Ahram, Dr. Ameer El-Telwany, Executive Director of the General Authority of Healthcare in Egypt, discussed with a high-level delegation from the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), the axes of the technical support project provided by the Japanese government to the universal health insurance system, in order to ensure the sustainability of service quality within the healthcare facilities of the General Authority of healthcare in all regions of Egypt.

This came during the meeting held at the headquarters of the General Authority of Healthcare; To discuss aspects of benefiting from Japanese experiences in the field of universal health insurance, and the mechanism for transferring these experiences within the framework of the phased implementation of the universal health insurance system, whose umbrella is scheduled to cover all citizens at the level of the Republic within 10 years.

El-Telwany added that the meeting discussed the mechanism of using Japanese technology in developing healthcare programs, and transferring experiences in the field of comprehensive health coverage, including evaluating the types of diseases and medicines that are most appropriate for proper guidance for health investment, in addition to automating the universal health insurance system services based on the Japanese experience, which contributes to In strengthening governance and ensuring the level of total quality.

He pointed out that the meeting dealt with the transfer of the updated systems from the Japanese side, to set the control and follow-up mechanisms for the operating systems of the General Authority for Health Care, in order for the new universal health insurance system to be based on electronic transactions to ensure the quality of work outputs, and then the quality of services provided in the facilities of the General Authority for Welfare health.

Magdy Bakr, the advisor to the President of the Healthcare Authority for Technical Affairs, said that the axes of cooperation with Japan are to follow up the quality and digital transformation of the universal health insurance system, which ensures the quality of the medical service so that it does not deteriorate in the future, and contributes to tracking and evaluating the medical service provided to the citizen. Al-Masry through the health facilities of the Health Care Authority under the umbrella of the new insurance system.

For his part, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the General Authority of Healthcare, Assistant Minister of Health and Population and General Supervisor of the universal Health Insurance Project, Dr. Ahmed El-Sobky, valued benefiting from the Japanese experience in the universal health insurance system, as it is the most successful global experience, explaining that the purpose of cooperation with Japan in The new ecosystem is sustainability in technology, digital transformation, and governance.

He stressed that the Japanese government seeks to provide all support to Egypt in the new universal health insurance system, noting that ways to enhance cooperation between the Egyptian and Japanese sides include cooperation in the field of comprehensive health coverage, technically and financially, which continuously supports development priorities in the Egyptian health sector.

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