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Forbes Reveals the Most powerful Healthcare Leaders in the Middle East

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Forbes Middle East unveils its first list of “The Most Powerful Healthcare Leaders in the Middle East” represented by 50 of the most innovative business leaders in the Middle East’s largest and most influential healthcare companies.

While 3 of the 5 most powerful healthcare leaders in the region are headed by organizations from the hospital sector.

The list was topped by Sulaiman Al-Habib, founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Dr. Sulaiman Al-Habib Medical Services Group, which achieved in 2021 revenues of $1.9 billion.

In second place is Hanan Muhammad Al-Kuwari, Director General of Hamad Medical Corporation. Followed by Saeed Darwaza, CEO of Hikma Pharmaceuticals Company, in third place. However, Darwaza is the only leader from Jordan on the list.

The UAE dominates the list with 25 leaders out of the 50 leaders who head leading companies in the Emirates.

It is followed by Saudi Arabia with 13 leaders, Egypt with 6 leaders, Qatar with two, and one leader in Kuwait, Algeria, Jordan and Morocco.

While pharmaceutical companies dominate with about 20 leaders, followed by leaders of the largest hospitals in the Middle East and North Africa with 19 leaders.

50 of the most powerful health sector companies, ranked on the list, have played a major role in driving innovation and investment in the Middle East and North Africa region. Initial $28 million in November 2021.

Deals in the sector also flourished, as Dallah Health Services acquired 8.2% of the shares of the International Medical Center, in a deal valued at $77 million, led by CEO Ahmed bin Saleh Babair.

On the technology front, in early 2022, Fahad Khater, owner and chairman of the Alameda Healthcare Group, announced the group’s partnership with CMR Surgical to implement robot-assisted surgery.

To compile the list, Forbes Middle East based the company’s business size as revenue and asset values, diversification of operations, company and asset ownership, professional experience, and the strength of a business leader’s influence on the region’s healthcare sector, to rank the leaders residing in the Middle East.

While the list did not include leaders who work in government institutions directly. Nevertheless, the research team looked intently at the leaders of government-owned companies.

Top 10 Healthcare Leaders in the Middle East for 2022

1- Sulaiman Al-Habib

Sector: Hospitals

Country: Saudi Arabia

Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Medical Services Group

2- Hanan Muhammad Al-Kuwari

Sector: Hospitals

Country: Qatar

Director-General of Hamad Medical Corporation

3- Said Darwazah

Sector: pharmaceutical

Country: Jordan

Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hikma Pharmaceutical Company

4- Nasser Sultan Al-Subaie

Sector: Hospitals

Country: Saudi Arabia

CEO and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Mouwasat Medical Services Company

5- Hassan Jassim Al Nowais

Sector: Miscellaneous

Country: UAE

CEO of Mubadala Healthcare

6- Ayman Tamr

Sector: pharmaceutical

Country: Saudi Arabia

Chairman and Managing Director of Tamer Group

7- Makarem Sobhi Batterjee

Sector: Hospitals

Country: Saudi Arabia

President and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Saudi German Health Company

8- Shaista Asif

Sector: Miscellaneous

Country: UAE

Chief Operating Officer, Pure Health Group

9- Patrick van der Loo

Sector: pharmaceutical

Country: UAE

Regional Head of Africa and Middle East at Pfizer

10- Shamsheer Fayalil

Sector: Hospitals

Country: UAE

Chairman and Managing Director of VPS Healthcare

About Forbes Middle East

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Forbes Middle East has expanded the Forbes brand’s presence in the field of journalism across the Arab world, by conducting its own comprehensive research to publish its lists that are done according to accurate methodologies.

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Enhancing leadership and business success in the Middle East

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