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Emirates Genome Program to Maintain Resilient Healthcare System

The Emirates Genome Program is considered one of the largest genome programs, as it works according to the priorities of the UAE in supporting the healthcare sector in order to build a world-class medical, curative and preventive system for all the people of the country.

By understanding the nature of genetic and chronic diseases prevalent among them, and thus designing healthcare strategies that meet the needs of current and future generations.

The Emirati Genome Program has been very popular with the largest number of citizens participating in it, and its results will lead to advancing the development of the health field to serve citizens of all age groups.

In statements to the Emirates News Agency, WAM, during their participation in the “Emirati Genome Program” in cooperation with G42 Healthcare Company, officials of the Abu Dhabi Health Services Company “SEHA” stressed the importance of participating in this program and cooperating together for its success, with the aim of drawing a map of the genetic sequence to create solutions Healthy and preventive against genetic diseases.

For his part, Dr. Anwar Sallam, Group chief medical and clinical officer at the Abu Dhabi Health Services Company “SEHA”, said that the “Emirati Genome Program” aims to provide preventive healthcare tailored to citizens by collecting one million DNA samples, and thus Analyzing it to reach the genetic makeup of the population of the UAE, which puts it at the forefront of developed countries in the development of the health care sector.

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He explained that the results of the genetic genetic data of the citizens participating in the “Emirati Genome Program” are used to study the most common genetic diseases in the Emirates.

It also helps in providing optimal and appropriate healthcare strategies for each patient individually, thus achieving the best long-term therapeutic outcomes, which have positive effects on the health of the community in its current and future generations, as well as limiting the spread of genetic diseases and eliminating them completely.

Emirati Genome program for all citizens in the UAE

He pointed out that the healthcare sector in the UAE is not only concerned with the health of the individual but is always interested in harnessing all available ways and means to protect society.

He called for stimulating the participation of citizens in the national “Emirati Genome Program” by providing blood samples in the designated centers in Abu Dhabi, and cooperating together for the success of this initiative by developing a mechanism to anticipate genetic and chronic diseases and ways to prevent and treat them.

For his part, Dr. Ahmed Al-Awadi, Director of the Community outreach at G42 Healthcare, expressed his happiness at the success of the UAE genome program in light of the great interest it receives from citizens, which confirms the achievement of optimal health care in the UAE.

He said that the project uses the latest genetic sequencing technologies, and therefore its results will contribute to the development of a health foresight mechanism for genetic and chronic diseases, thus enhancing community health.

He thanked the wise leadership for launching this project, which is a qualitative leap in enabling healthcare experts to harness genomics technologies and sciences to improve the health of the UAE community and its freedom from genetic diseases.

He stressed that the “Emirati Genome” project is 100% safe and secretly maintains the privacy of the participants, as all personal data is encrypted for them in line with the personal protection laws followed in the UAE.

He called on all citizens of the country to participate in this unique project at the level of the region and the world.

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