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Signs That Your Body is Malnourished

Malnutrition is a very serious health issue that is becoming more prevalent in the UK affecting approximately 3 million with most people living in their own homes. Malnutrition happens when an individual does not get the correct nutrients from their diet and, in turn, this can lead to reduced strength and mobility, increased risk of illness and infection, low energy levels and overall lower quality of life. An individual’s diet is the main cause of malnutrition, but there are a few key signs to look out for in yourself or others.

Increased Fatigue

One of the most common signs that someone is malnourished is increased fatigue. Everyone will feel fatigued from time to time and there is usually a reason for this, such as a late night, but if you are getting enough sleep and still feel sluggish, then it could be malnutrition. You need the right kind of fuel for your body, so you may need to adjust your diet to add healthy fats and proteins and remove processed items, added sugar, fried food and alcohol and caffeine.

Physical Signs

There are also physical signs that you could be malnourished and these can be alarming. You may experience hair loss or thinning if you are malnourished as well as weight loss, feeling cold often, a loss of muscle mass and brittle nails. In children, malnourishment can prevent growth. If you experience any of the above symptoms then it is a good idea to speak to a healthcare professional as these can be symptoms of many different conditions and it is important to get the right diagnosis.


Malnourishment can also impact your mood and mental well-being. This is because malnutrition can cause a deficiency in micronutrients that impact cognitive function and mental health. The positive impact that a healthy diet has on mental health should not be overlooked, so it is important to maintain a healthy and well-balanced diet for both your physical and mental well-being.

When to See Your GP

Malnutrition is a growing issue in the UK and one that needs to be addressed. It is important to see your GP if you have unintentionally lost a lot of weight over the last 6 months, you have lost your appetite, you frequently feel tired and fatigued and get ill often and take a long time to recover. It is important to get the right treatment advice as well as to rule out any other health condition.

Malnutrition is a serious health issue and one that is becoming more common in the UK. Malnutrition can seriously impact quality of life and lead to other serious health problems, which is important why it is important to know what the main signs are and what steps you can take to prevent malnutrition.

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