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Trends in Aesthetic Surgeries And Treatment: What Are Clinicians Actually Advising?

Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen a 54% increase in the number of people electing to undergo some form of plastic surgery or tweakment, making it big business and something that is seen as a go-to anti-aging method – even more so than using products or rejuvenating spa treatments. 

When it comes to cosmetic procedures and high-level skincare, we’re often met with a bewildering list of products and techniques that can be used. Choosing either off-the-shelf products, or consulting a clinician can result in a huge amount of choice which often means making the right decision is fraught with tensions. 

We’re more than halfway through 2023 now, but at this point, it’s a great place to step in and see what clinicians and plastic surgeons are actually saying about key trends and the advice they’re giving to their clientele.

The influence of influencers

Social media influencers are the people that many men and women look to when they’re trying to find the right aesthetic treatment for themselves and over the last year, clinicians such as the American Society of Plastic Surgeon’s Dr Gregory Greco have stated that trends are turning more towards understated, less noticeable tweakments and work. 

Natural is the watchword, as celebrities turn away from procedures like the BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) and opt for things like smaller breast implants, too. It’s a surgical intervention that doesn’t look like you’ve had anything done…

Body shaping, tightening and contouring

Clinicians are also seeing a shift to more non-invasive treatments and enhancements. Over the last few years, one of the hottest topics in this arena has been growth factors

Procedures such as the O-Shot use these to transform the lives of women who have been experiencing issues with the health of their vagina, either post-childbirth or through peri-menopause and menopause. They’re used to tighten and enhance the skin, bring back sensation and with that, over time libido. A great option to consider for those who don’t want to do anything too invasive, but feel like they need to reclaim their sexual health.

Liposuction is still popular

Even all these years on, liposuction is still a popular form of cosmetic surgery, but what’s becoming more noticeable are the places on the body in which clients actually want the procedure carried out!

According to Ashley Amalfi MD, clients are taking a more proactive approach to the areas they want to see shaped and contoured – and are choosing places like the lower leg and ankle to have this surgery. Amalfia says it’s a way of fine-tuning and shaping the body in a way that looks natural, for clients who are already taking good care of themselves in other ways, but just want to look and feel their absolute best.

The way forward seems to be natural is best – whether that’s the use of procedures that utilize growth factors, or simple tweaks and enhancements that produce the very best version of you. Clinicians are all for it and clients are loving the results.

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