Why Fresh Home-Grown Veg Is Well Worth the Time and Effort

There has been a surge in the number of people that now choose to grow their own vegetables (and fruit if they have the space and the time). However, it is not an easy or simple DIY process and will need a great deal of reading, research, and trial and error. This article provides some ideas on how to get started and suggests why growing your own veg is a good idea and is well worth the time and effort it will take to get it right.

Home Grown Veg Is Fresher

It is simply stated as logic – having grown the vegetables in your own garden, they can be harvested when you need them. This means that you are always able to access a fresher selection of veg than what can be bought at the shops. This will positively impact your nutrition and ensure healthy eating regularly.

There May Be Substantial Cost Savings

Depending on what you grow and how you then use this produce as a family, there can indeed be substantial savings involved in growing and eating your own vegetables. The rising costs of fresh fruit and vegetables means that growing the veg that you and your family eat regularly, and in the right seasons, will see you save a considerable amount over the year.

It’s a Great Life Lesson for You and Your Kids

Knowing exactly where your food comes from is something that many in the modern world still want to know. Growing food yourself provides a simple line of provenance and is also a fantastic lesson to teach your children and family. The pastime of gardening is also stress relieving and a wonderful way to spend time with others.

How to Get It Right

Get a growing cycle for your area, understand which veg will grow best, and whether you will be able to grow any of it all year round. If you’re growing in the ground, then perhaps consider buying and using a simple soil test to see what nutrients your plants will need and whether you need to add compost and organic growing material to your soil to improve your yields.

You also need to know the biological needs of the plants you grow. Finding the right biostimulants and plant growth regulators for the variety of vegetables that you have planted is a great starting point and will ensure that whatever you grow is as healthy as possible. These stimulants are meant to improve growth rates and add essential nutrients but will also be useful to protect against pests and strengthen and fortify your plants.

Growing your own vegetables and fruit (depending on the space and the type of fruit) is one of the most rewarding and natural things to do. You don’t need much space and will be able to grow enough for a small family on a small balcony and use grow bags and potato planters. It is a pastime or hobby that will be well worth the time and effort.

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