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Pfizer Announced: CoronaVirus Treatment Pills Production This Year

Pfizer, one of the companies producing the currently available Coronavirus vaccines, has announced that it is in the process of producing oral drug treatment that is the first of its kind specifically designed to treat coronavirus, this new drug can be new hope for people around the world to alleviate the fatality rate of coronavirus and help people to avoid visiting hospitals.

The new drug is supposed to prevent the Coronavirus from spreading inside the body, by inhibiting the production of a specific enzyme that the Coronavirus needs so that it can copy itself and double its numbers inside the body.

The new drug, which was called (PF-07321332), is a type of antiviral, and it falls under the category of protease inhibitors.

After the drug becomes available, it is assumed that doctors will prescribe it as soon as anyone catches the Coronavirus and the first signs of infection begin to appear on the body.

When is the drug expected to be available?

Researchers at Pfizer are currently working on trials of the new drug consisting of three stages, and these three stages will extend over a period of approximately 145 days, meaning that these trials are expected to end by mid-July.

If these trials return positive results, Pfizer may start offering the drug to become available in hospitals and doctors’ offices by the fall of 2021.

Why did scientists delay in producing drugs for the Coronavirus?

It should be noted that the delay in developing this type of medicine came due to the following:

Giving priority to official bodies to develop vaccines.
The fact that medicines intended to combat respiratory problems are difficult to develop because of the body’s need for high doses of them in order to be able to reach the lungs, and with high doses comes the risk of potential poisoning, so the development of this type of medicine may be somewhat sensitive.

The company will have more news about this development later this summer, and Pfizer developed the vaccine against Covid-19 jointly with the German pharmaceutical company Biontech, which the Food and Drug Administration granted an emergency license in December, and it is one of the three vaccines against the disease currently approved For use in the United States.

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