Abu Dhabi Approves the Usage of Face Scanners to Detect Covid-19 Infection

The Emergency, Crisis, and Disaster Management Committee of the “Coronavirus” pandemic in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi has approved expanding the scope of areas and places in which the use of “EDE” systems is being applied to detect the possibility of infection with “Covid-19”; This is after reviewing the results of the trial period for using the systems, and the approval of the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi for “EDE” systems; to detect infection with the coronavirus.

The decision comes to strengthen preventive measures using the latest technologies and to limit the spread of the virus by establishing safe areas that have been subject to a series of precautionary measures and measures.

According to the decision, EDE systems will be used; To detect “Covid-19” starting from Monday, June 28, in shopping centers, within the examinations of residential areas, and at the emirate’s land and air outlets.

The committee stated that if the EDE systems for scanning showed the possibility of infection with “Covid-19,” the person will not be allowed to enter, and the approved protocol must be followed, and a nasal swab examination should be performed within 24 hours.

The Department of Health – Abu Dhabi had announced the adoption of “EDE” systems to detect infection with “Covid-19”; This is based on the results of the trial period for the use that is currently taking place in the areas of entry to the emirate, selected public facilities on Yas Island, and specific points of entry and exit in the Musaffah area.

The results of the trial period showed high effectiveness of the “EDE” systems; More than 20,000 people were tested with this device. The device achieved 93.5% in the percentage of examination sensitivity, which reflects the accuracy of the examination when identifying infected persons, and 83% in the percentage of examination quality, which reflects the accuracy of the examination when identifying uninfected persons.

Dr. Jamal Muhammad Al Kaabi, Undersecretary of the Department of Health, said: “Abu Dhabi has adopted an integrated strategy to combat the “Covid-19″ pandemic, which is based on increasing examination and safe entry, in addition to vaccination, and the continuation of preventive measures.”

The use of “EDE” devices comes within this strategy, and also reflects the vision of the wise leadership in harnessing modern technology; To create solutions that turn challenges into opportunities. We are pleased to add these systems, which were made in Abu Dhabi, to the approved methods for detecting infection with the “Covid-19” virus, and that they are a new option in addition to the nasal swab and laser examinations, especially as they add a new preventive layer; To create safe zones.

The scanning systems, developed by the EDE Abu Dhabi Research Institute of the International Holding Company, have technical advantages that allow detecting the possibility of infection with the “Covid-19” virus by measuring electromagnetic waves that change when the RNA particles of the virus are present in a person’s body. Thus, it provides immediate results by scanning potentially infected people from a distance without taking pictures or recording videos of people.

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